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Can we talk about this for a second?
I submitted my player experience to a certain blog and it got pretty popular, but there are some people that just don’t know the issue.
Semyon Varlamov was in fact charged with domestic abuse charges BUT the judicial court dropped the charges on account of THERE WASNT ANY PROOF THAT HE ACTUALLY BEAT HIS GIRLFRIEND.
So, he didn’t do it, right? Well there is no sure way to find out if he did or did not so I’m leaving it, as well as the players, the news, the sports networks, and some civilized people in the fandom, alone. To say that Semyon is “a guy who beats his girlfriend (and) just doesn’t get enough love from the fandom” is such a backhanded comment and it makes me sick to hear that people IN THE FANDOM are criticizing other people IN THE FANDOM for liking a certain guy because he is actually a REALLY GOOD PLAYER. Some people in the fandom just like him because his face is nice. But MY experiences that I’ve had with him changed my opinion on him. Not only is he a really good player, but he has a heart of gold. Every time I’ve met him he has been nothing but kind and listening and thankful that I’m still there for him. He is such an amazing person and I can’t see for the life of me how the charges were even brought up in the first place.
So, no, he doesn’t get enough love from the fandom because most of the fandom hasn’t met him and don’t know him well enough to make that much of a judgement. And furthermore, I don’t see why you should add your hateful comments to MY post about MY experience with MY favourite player.

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